Name of Group: Scientology

Other Names of Group: The Church of Scientology

Related Organizations: Dianetics; The Bridge to Total Freedom; IAS (The International Association of Scientologists); The Way to Happiness Foundation International; Narconon/Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers; Criminon; United for Human Rights; Youth for Human Rights International; Applied Scholastics International; Volunteer Ministers Program; CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights); Sterling Management.

Estimated Membership: The Church claims to have many millions of members but this number has been questioned by many who have studied the movement.

Symbols: An eight cornered cross (a cross with an X over the intersection of the two lines); A letter S with two triangles superimposed over it; A triangle comprised of four horizontal lines (arranged to look like a mountain); A capital letter T inside a capital letter O (a stylized form of the Scientology concept of “OT”, i.e. “operating thetan”).

Website: and

Headquarters: "Gold Base" – a heavily guarded compound in Riverside County, California.

Meeting Places: Churches of Scientology, Church of Scientology Community Centers, and Church of Scientology Missions. Celebrity Centers cater to members who are celebrities. The Freewinds ocean vessel is home and floating teaching center to the more advanced Scientology courses.

Year Began: 1952

Founder: L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986). His birth name was Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, but is commonly called “LRH” by Scientologists.

Current Leadership: David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center.

Sacred Scriptures: The works of L. Ron Hubbard are seen as “Source.”

Other Sources of Authority: Aside from the writings and talks of L. Ron Hubbard, there are numerous courses designed by Hubbard which need to be taken for one to become a “clear” and then eventually an “Operating Thetan.”

Periodicals & Publications: Magazines such as – Impact; Reality; Celebrity; and Freedom.

Publishing Houses: Bridge Publications (in North America); New Era Publications International (outside of North America).

Radio & Television Programs: New Era Productions

Schools and Other Institutions: Sea Org

Means of attracting new members: Scores of scientologists volunteer many, many hours of their time working for the “Org” spreading the message of L. Ron Hubbard, in order to get discounts for themselves on Scientology courses that they would be otherwise be unable to afford. New recruits are often approached to first study Dianetics, before they are introduced to Scientology. Scientologists can often be seen soliciting passers by to take a “Free Personality Test” in order to peak their interest into studying Dianetics. Other times the preclear is offered to be shown a free recruitment movie in order to build interest.

Mindset towards Christianity: In some of the literature and during recruitment Scientology will often say that it is compatible with and tolerant of all other religions, yet in reality it promotes itself as the only means to “total freedom.” LRH’s writings are seen as the only means of emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Famous Members: Actors - Tom Cruise; John Travolta; Kirstie Alley; Anne Archer; Lisa Marie Presley; Karen Black; Jason Lee; Jenna Elfman; Leah Remini; Juliette Lewis; Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson). Musicians - Chick Corea; Stanley Clarke; Edgar Winter; Isaac Hayes; Billy Sheehan.