Who We Are

We are a group of experts on a variety of worldviews and who are all concerned about one thing – TRUTH. In a postmodern age where pluralists and relativists are teaching our generation that there are many truths and that opposing truth claims can both be correct at the same time, we proclaim that truth is narrow, absolute, and exclusive by definition.

Our website is a continuing work in progress where we will host cutting-edge content in the form of articles, videos, printable resources, and downloadable audio. Our vision is huge and such an undertaking is vast, but our team is working hard to bring you everything you need to learn about and evaluate today’s worldviews, world religions, the occult, and cults and new religious movements.

Aside from providing this rich content in a relevant and impactful manner, we are available to answer your questions (see the “Contact Us” button to your right), host conferences and speaking engagements, and be a one stop shop for all of your worldview learning needs.